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Stone Slinger

Are you working with soil or aggregates in a small space? If so, a slinger truck could be the perfect piece of equipment to get the job done. For many jobs, such as distributing mulch, soil, and gravel, slinger trucks are less expensive than hiring a team to do it by hand. Hiring a slinger truck often cuts back on the time it takes to finish a project, too. If you don’t have enough room for a dump truck or you need more precise placement of product, a slinger truck is an essential piece of equipment for your project.

Klingshirn and Sons Truckikng

Dump Trucks

With a dump truck limit of 12 yards, our dual axle heavy duty trucks are big enough to do any job but still small enough to get into even the tightest areas – perfect to get into backyards and underneath residential power lines.

What can a Dump Truck Haul:
  • Haul Sand, Stone, Dirt and Asphalt
  • Sand, Dirt and Stone can be spread
  • Mainly operate quad and five axle dump trucks

Over the Road

Benefits of Over the Road Trucking

1- Reflect on your life while you spend time traveling across the country. Use your time alone wisely. Listen to cd’s that teach life skills and positive thinking like The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

2- The job security in trucking is high. There is a huge shortage of drivers.

3- Get Paid to travel USA. We often take for granted how it is in other parts of our great country because it may be seen on the news read about in the history books so frequently. Our perceptions of places untraveled can’t touch the experience of seeing it for yourself. Get away from home to expand your mind. Leaving your environment can also be the answer to changing the habits you been thinking about changing.

Over the Road(OTR) Trucking
  • Offer long and short haul
    • Can go out for extended time or home every night
  • Pull Reefer Trailers, Van Trailers, Flatbed Trailers and Stepdeck Trailers
    • Main Focus being Reefers and Flatbed
  • Go everywhere in the lower 48 States
    • Focus being to the Midwest, Southwest and Southeast
  • Primarily haul Food products, Auto Parts, and Steel
  • Solid customer base in local area
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